Autohelp Hint System is an automated way to control and guide players in the room. The main idea of AHS is that players receive the necessary hints automatically from a themed touch screen attached to the scenography. All hints are given through videos by professional actors, that increase the immersion of the game. The biggest benefit of the Autohelp Hint System is the significant reduction of personnel salary costs since there is no need for a Game Master to operate each room.

  • One Game Master can operate 3-4 rooms simultaneously
  • Adjustable time frames between the given hints - adjustable game dificulty
  • Available in English and in Local Language
  • Countdown timer on screen
  • Operation - Maintenance Manuals available
  • Emergency button for further Help
  • Fully themed, Screen Case embedded in the Room Sets
  • Audiovisual Immersive Experience
  • Ability to monitor if the room is correctly resetted
  • Compatible with automated Leaderboard
  • Compatible with remote future Upgrades

Note*: the AHS v2 system is optional


Room Control Panel is a powerful tool for the owner/operator of the escape rooms. Thanks to this, the Game Master is able to see the players’ progress, but also bypass any game state, giving the ability to a team that is stuck despite the hints, to move forward. This tool is also important to override any case of technical malfunction, without ruining the experience.

  • Game Flow Monitoring
  • Game Countdown Timer
  • Ability to control or bypass any electronic game in the room
  • Ability to reset the whole room instantly
  • Mobility (Tablet) so the Game Master can have it with him/her everywhere
  • Extremely easy to use thanks to the Simple User Interface
Autohelp system inside a room Autohelp touch screen Autohelp system in use

Leaderboards are quite common in the Escape Room Industry, however most of them are manual ones where the operators write the best performing teams’ records.

This new feature, thanks to Autohelp Hint System’s Infrastructure, enables the operator to keep track of the best escape time in each room and to automatically display these records on a large screen located at the reception area of the venue. This feature serves to enhance the gamification element of the attraction.

When an escape game is in operation, the players have to solve a number of riddles and puzzles so step by step they must find the exit within an hour.

Throughout the 60-minute game, an operator, also known as the Game Master, monitors players through cameras. If players need a hint, the Game Master can communicate with them by typing on an in-room monitor or speaking directly to them through a microphone.

As a result of this requirement, escape game companies need to have enough personnel to operate all the rooms properly. While this can be a significant expense for the business owner, it is necessary to maintain a high level of service quality.